Working with Gerber Landa & Gee

There are currently no vacancies at present.

Working for Gerber Landa & Gee provides staff with a wide variety of opportunities and experience across the accountancy sector.

As a small firm that prides itself on offering a full range of services to its clients, Gerber Landa & Gee offers staff the chance to gain experience across all these services including accountancy, auditing, business and personal taxation and business advisory. Training with Gerber Landa & Gee therefore offers an excellent opportunity to explore different areas of the profession and gain a broad understanding which will serve you well throughout your career.

Junior staff joining the firm follow the ICAS professional route and are ably supported by the firm in this endeavour. The firm pushes for students to maximise their potential and does so through continuous internal training to supplement that provided by the professional body.

Qualified staff undertake further professional training each year through to keep them up to date with new developments in their areas of expertise as well as new laws and regulations being introduced. This allows staff to conduct their tasks to the best of their ability and ensures clients receive current and relevant advice. Staff are also provided with an opportunity to pursue further professional qualification in fields such as tax and insolvency through respective professional bodies.